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Endorsement-Level Training

Successful completion of this training results in Kansas PBS Medicaid Service Endorsement and the ability to bill Medicaid for PBS services. In this course, participants will receive intensive coaching and instruction on the topics of quality of life, person centered planning, and applied behavior analysis during online and onsite classes. Completion of mock and billable live case study activities with mentoring support are required. Comprehensive exams will also be given.

  • Average length of this course is 6-8 months.
  • Weekly online classes for 8 weeks
  • Some onsite classes
  • Cost ranges from $6,500-$9,000 per participants based on experience and number of participants in the course.
  • Course can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your organization including pace of course and more onsite classes.
  • Technical assistance for first billed case
  • New course begins every 6 months!

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This program is for professionals who have already completed the endorsement level training and are PBS Endorsed Facilitators but a length of time has passed since billing Kansas PBS Medicaid Services.

  • Cost, requirements, and length of course vary depending upon length of time passed, experience, and the participant’s individual needs.
  • Course requirements determined by examining length of time absent from billing, pretesting, and evaluation of experience/work sample.
  • Offered at any time.

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BCBA Supplemental Training for Endorsement

This training is for professionals who are Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Concepts in Positive Behavior Support along with competency exercises in the form of pre and post tests will be provided. Four online modules and one onsite billing orientation will be used as supplemental behavioral training for BCBA providers. Successful completion of the training allows for BCBA providers to bill Kansas PBS Medicaid Services.

  • Cost of training is $1,000 per participant
  • CEUs may be provided if requested by participant.
  • Course can be completed in as little as two weeks!
  • Offered at any time

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Case Manager Training

Many agencies and PBS stakeholders have expressed the need for behavioral support training for providers who are required to develop and implement behavior support plans. This training is for agencies who are looking to provide additional training for case managers or other related professionals. Participants in this training will learn to effectively implement behavior support plans by completing a functional behavioral assessment and developing function-based interventions. This training is an intensive two-day behavioral support workshop. Workshop specifics are listed below:

  • Two full day workshops, typically from 9am-4pm
  • Pre and post exam
  • Competency activities between workshops and after last workshop
  • Feedback and coaching is provided on exams and assignments
  • Topics covered include comprehensive person centered planning, functional behavioral assessment, treatment development, data collection, and sustainability of behavior plans.
  • Criteria must be met on all competency activities and the posttest in order to receive a workshop certificate.
  • Assess to behavioral tools and resources
  • $800 per participant

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Agency-Based Certification Training

Participants in this program will receive coaching and instruction mainly during online classes. Onsite classes will be required less frequently than the endorsement-level training. To be certified, participants should demonstrate proficiency through the successful completion of exercises, exams, mock case study activities, and a systems integration plan. KIPBS will support with the integration of the developed action plan and provide assistance and follow up. This training is for participants/organizations who are not interested in billing, but rather want to increase the capacity of their organization to support individuals with challenging behavior.

  • Typical length of course is 4-6 months.
  • Cost of course ranges from $2,500-$6,000
  • 2 onsite agency visits to support integration of systems plan
  • Mirrors the Endorsement Course without the live case study component.
  • Typically occurs at the same time as our Endorsement course.
  • New course every 6 months.
  • Does not allow for billing Kansas PBS Medicaid Services

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Community & Organization-Wide Training

This training is for communities, counties, and organizations who are interested in implementing PBS processes and interventions across staff and clients. Focus of the training will be on the integration of PBS processes within a whole organization. Organizations who are interested in participating at this level, will receive comprehensive training across the levels of PBS including tertiary, targeted, and universal intervention. Individuals within the organization who are participating in the tertiary training will follow the same requirements as the Endorsement training. Mock and live case studies will be demonstrated with a focus on transition planning. Cost and length of time to complete this course varies per organization. Please contact Matt Enyart for more information at